Baby Bolero question

I wanted to see if anyone could help me with the Baby Bolero from One Skein book. I am down to shaping the neck and I am confused. I had searched and found a thread on it but it was back in July.

Anyone familiar with the pattern and can maybe help?

Thank you.

What directions are you having trouble with?

I am at the part for shaping the neck…
There are two ways they give to proceed. I skipped the eyelet in hopes of keeping it simple.

Shape neck: (RS) K10, place center 13 sts onto holder, join new yarn and knit to end - 10 sts at each side. Working each side separately, purl 1 row - armhole measures about 4 1/2 inches. BO all sts.

What I did was K10 put next 13 on holder… then got stuck… I have 30 sts on my left needle now.

  • the next part is Left Front and it says to "Return to 20 left front sts to smaller needle and rejoin with RS facing…

Will leave it at that and see if that makes sense.
Thanks for help.

You need a separate strand for each side of the neck, so that’s why they want you to join a new ball for that. Since all they’re having you do, though, is purl one more row, you could do that on the one side, then use that yarn to do the other side. Know what I mean?

I’m not familiar with the pattern itself, but it sounds like the first 10, 13, 10 stitches are the back. Knit the 10, put the center 13 on the holder and work the next 10–either with it’s own strand or after you finish the first 10.

Then the remaining 20 are used for the next portion of the directions.

okies, thanks for replying Ingrid.

hmmm, I think I might understand.
So I have ten knit, hold thirteen then just grab the other end of the yarn ( lol ) and knit ten more stiches…? or oh lord im just confusing myself =x

Okies I can do it. I think I can …

Thanks a million Ingrid. I really appreciate the help.

big hugs