Baby bobbi bear me

Hi everyone I am knitting the baby bobbi bear from Blu Sky Alpacas for a baby shower gift for an expecting friend but I am using Pakucho cotton yarn…well anyways thats not the problem:teehee: the problem is I am done the front and back and am ready to do the butt however I am not sure what they mean by it.Here is what I am unclear on:
I have the front of the bear body on a stitch holder with the yarn cut as they instructed me to do and the back of the bear body on a stitch holder with the yarn uncut

Here comes the confusion:
It says Butt:
Turn Work upside down. With RS facing, work back in forth in rows at the cast-on edge as follows:
Row 1: SK first 5 stitches, join new yarn, pick up and knit next 20 sts, turn.

I am just confused as to how to get started on the butt am I suppossed to pick up stitches and how many? Skip first five stitches,where all I have is a edge? and what the heck is the right side is that purl or knit side? Any help would be appreciated as I am so confused right now:think:

I haven’t made this bear, but… Does it ever tell you which side is the right side? Was it the knit side or the purl side on that row? Or can you tell if the knit side or the purl side is the right side based on the picture? Ater you determine which side is the right side (If they don’t tell you in any way, you can make it either side you think you like best I suppose. If you have to do embrodiery on the face I think I would choose the knit side as right side, but it would be your call.)

Yes, you are supposed to pick up stitches with the right side facing you and along the cast on edge. You are supposed to skip 5 and start on stitch 6. Count the cast on stitches or the stitches in the first row to figure out which one to start on. You are supposed to pick up 20. There will probably be more in front of you that could be picked up (possibly another 5), but you are to turn the work so that you can start working in the other direction right after you get 20 stitches picked up. There is a video about picking up stitches here on KH if you need that.