Baby Blanket

I saw a free pattern online called Soft as a Cloud Baby Afghan but it called for Plymouth Encore worsted 75% acrylic and 25% wool yarn. They don’t sell this yarn at any local stores. Can anyone suggest a yarn to replace it with that I can buy at Hobby Lobby, AC Moore or Michaels?
My daughter-in-law actually asked for a two color blanket in two shades of blue for the arrival but I am not experienced enough ( I don’t think to do 2 colors). If someone can suggest a different two color one for a boy that is not too difficult, please let me know.
Thanks for any help you can give me.

I use Plymouth Encore for a lot of baby stuff, but I have to buy it at my LYS (local yarn store) or online. I don’t shop at those type of stores so I’m coming up blank… Encore is a worsted weight #4 yarn so you can choose most anything that fits that category. I’d stick to a washable yarn for a baby though.

This is a link to the pattern for helpers-

It’s very pretty! I think it would actually look best as a solid color because you’d lose the stitch detail with a multi colored yarn.

This blanket would look good with 2 or more colors.

Clicking on the Ravelry projects over on the right of the page Jan linked to shows you the variety of yarns that have been used for the blanket.

That one wouldn’t lend itself to two colors, but a lot of others do. It isn’t hard to do two colors. If nothing else, you can do basic stripes: cast on as many stitches as you want and knit two rows, switch to the next color, knit two rows…to the end. (You canalso leave a 6" tail when you cast on or start a row and another at the end of each row and when you cast off, then knot them at the end to make fronge.)

I would recommend knitting with both colors at the same time!! Take 1 strand of both blues and size 11 or 13 circular needles and mKe Avery simple pattern. And I wouldn’t freak about what yarn to use. Look for Caron Pounder or Red Heart Super Saver yarn.