Baby blanket

looking for a baby blanket with ribbons on it for a special friend.
you know the kind you can add a ribbon all around or cross the blanket thanks.

I like the diagonal baby blanket which has an eyelet aoround the edge to thread ribbon thru. It is a quick easy knit. Well know free pattern on knitting pattern central and lion brand yarn. good luck

ok I need spell check today yikes!

Do you just want a basic garter stitch blanket? Take this dishcloth pattern and knit it as large as you want. I prefered them 36" square myself. When you’re done you can thread a ribbon through the eyelets around the edge.

omg its that simple ! thank you so very much my best friend is having a baby we been friends since she was 5 and i was 7 now she is having her first baby and i want this blanket to be special.

What is your favorite baby blanket to knit? :knitting: