Baby Blanket

I am working on a baby blanket and I am probably over thinking the pattern. I have looked at the main site of the pattern and have found no corrections to the pattern. I keep looking at the pattern and feel like rows 21 and 22 should be reversed. Any imput would be GREATLY appreciated.

The pattern is called Soft as a Cloud Baby Afghan by Laura Polley.


8 K3 P8 K2 P2 K8 K3
9 K3 P9 K1 P1 K9 K3
10 K3 P10 K10 K3
11 K3 K10 P10 K3

19 K3 K2 P8 K8 P2 K3
20 K3 K1 P9 K9 P1 K3
21 K3 P10 K10 K3
22 K3 K10 P10 K3
repeat 22 rows 9 times

It certainly doesn’t follow the way the rest of the pattern is written. Is there a picture somewhere? Maybe they want a ridge at that section.:think:

Here is a photo

Actually, I think the pattern’s correct. When you do Row 21, you’re starting the new set of squares, so you want to switch the purls for knits.

Thank you Ingrid!:balloons:

After looking at the pattern and actually hand writting it out on a note card I believe you are correct.

Thanks for your imput!!!:happydance: