Baby blanket

ok so i’m looking to make a cabled blanket. i was hoping to alternate between the hugs and kisses cable and the usual cable. i haven’t really been able to find one like that, so i was wondering if any of you guys knew of one somewhere. i tried to do it on my own, i found a pattern for the hugs and kisses and so i thought i would just slip other cables in. i thought i was doing ok until the actual formation of the cables, i’m just way to slow and easily confused, and today is just one of those days. thanks in advance for any help.

When knitting more than one type cable at once I find it easier to have them both in Charts and set together on a page, as they will be knitted. That way its easier to keep track of them visually. When each cable needs to be crossed and in which direction.

I recently did a small cabled project that used 5 different cables - the tree of life in the center, with 2 different cables on each side - all 5 cables different separated by about 4 reverse stock. stitch panels.

I found it easiest to make a copy of each cable pattern on separate pieces of paper and numbering each with a big number in the upper corner of each sheet, 1 - 5. As I worked across row 1, I would start with sheet 1/cable 1. When I got to the next cable section I’d flit to sheet2/cable 2. across the row. When I got to the next row, I flipped sheets in reverse order, 5,4,3,2,1. I also had a sticky note on each sheet that I would move from row to row when I was working that sheet.

It was the only way I could keep track of where the cable rows were as each was totally different.

ahhh, ty both very much! i didn’t think to try either of those options…i feel so slow, lol.

I would try to keep it as simple as possible!! In your cable rows cable every right side row to keep the confusion down. At least that way you know every time you are on the right side you have to cable something. I am terrible at counting and remembering what I am doing. Just keep in mind after you finish a few rows you can see the pattern and that makes it a little easier. I can appreciate your frustration… I have unraveled more projects that I screwed up!! Good luck on the blanket, that is quite an endeavor!!