Baby Blanket

Finished this this morning. It’s for a friend due in March with boy number 4! The yarn is Caron Simply Soft.

What a beautiful baby blanket! :thumbsup:

Nice work Robin!

Gorgeous blanket and I am sure with the Caron it is nice and soft. Great job!! Keep up the good work.

Robin, it’s lovely! Perfect colors for a boy too!

great blanket! The colors will hide dirt as he grows and pulls that baby along the floor with him too! Nice work!

That’s really pretty! I love that its not the pastel of usual baby blankets. I love those too, but this one stands out.


Love it!

Very nice-I love the colors! I have four kids also-the first 3 boys and then we finally got our girl! Yah! But I had to pick a name quickly since I had figured it was another boy :teehee:

Great blanket! I bet it will become his favourite.

:inlove: love the colors you picked…very pretty!!

Great blanket! I am really impressed with the change in colors – so neat.

LOVE IT! Great job! :thumbsup:

Beautiful, Thee colours look great together :slight_smile:

That is lovely!! A perfect blanket for a little boy to grow up with!

Great job! It’s beautiful!!