Baby blanket

Hi , fellow knitters .

I hope you are all well and busy with those projects.:woot:

Here is a blanket i have just finished for a friends baby who was born last week.

It is a Sirdar pattern.

Just lovely!:cheering:

It’s so pretty – very simple and sweet and soft-looking. I love the border.

Thanks ,

It did come out feeling very soft.

Baby will love it i think. :slight_smile:

That is so pretty, love the border!

Sooooooooo pretty:cheering:

Thanks jan and momwolf.

What to make next lol

It is just gorgeous!

I really like the border too. Is that a pattern?

Simply beautiful,cozy and elegant blanket!!!
Great job!Your friend’s baby is going to love it.:cheering:

Jeremy .

It is a pattern by sirdar leaflet number P801. It also has a maching cardigan and hat.

Thank you:)

Beautiful blanket - simple elegance!

That blanket is seriously pretty! :cheering:

Thanks so much.

elegance ! i lke that word

That is lovely… well done xx

That’s really beautiful and classy!

That is BEAUTIFUL!! I love the border.


Thank you Jeanette,

I am so glad you like it :slight_smile:

what yarn did you use… what a gorgeous blanket!

Believe it or not sam, I used just a normal dk mix which was not expensive at all.

But it feels as soft as real wool and washes up lovely without shrinking or stretching.