Baby blanket

Hello all, Im fairly new to the knitting world, my boyfriends mom is teaching me. A friend of mine is having a baby soon, and i Would like to knit her a baby blanket. Remeber I’m a begginner. So lots of the things I find, I have Nooo idea what to do. Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Anna has lots of free patterns to choose from.

Find one that doesn’t look too hard, and have a go. Between your BF’s mom and the people here, there’s lots of help available.

Knit one row purl one row, is simple and looks great! If you don’t know how to purl a blanket then just knit the whole thing. Good luck! BTW: I recommend baby yarn its soft and comfortable!

I was going to suggest a garter (knit ever row) given that stockinette (knit one row, purl one row) will tend to curl at the edges without a border. Garter would be fine if you choose a nice soft fine yarn. You can look forward to feeling a sense of pride and achievement with your first item :slight_smile:

Oops yeah it would! Try knit 2 --whatever you do in the middle until last two stitches–knit 2. So it won’t curl! Do that on all rows!

Good option sugarfunpouch :slight_smile:

Thanks! I actually got that idea froma washcloth pattern.

i found this nice blanket, very simple. However it says circular needle, would I be able to use straight needles and still get the same outcome? I already have baby yarn, i love it! :slight_smile:

Yes, you can use straights for that not a problem.

I’m not sure 75 stitches (for a blanket 29" across) will fit on size 15 straights … it might get very crowded. I think you might have to use circs to hold all your stitches … but you would use them like straights … knitting back and forth .

Good point Debbie. I used to fit that many stitches on and more…but it was a major squeeze. It also depends on the length of the straights of course. Circs would be indeed preferable.

well the 75 stitched did fit. I decided to use my 8 needles, and somewhere downt he line i noticed i dropped a stitch :frowning: and i couldn’t fix it becasue i caught it way to late, so i have to start over. but the when i undid my blanket, it didn’t look long enough to be a blanket. Am i doing something wrong?

If you have the correct number of stitches on and the gauge is correct it will be fine. I started to make a blanket on straights and thought the same and now it is 3/4 done I realised I cast on too many stitches. The real width reveals over time.

i have done this one it looks very nice when finished.