Baby Blanket

I am half way there! :woot:Yay!! This is my first major project. It took me 2 months to get this far and I have to finish it by the 19th of August!:think:

Whew! Sorry I don’t have pics. :doh:

You have less than a month to go, so you may need to step up the pace a little. :slight_smile: I’m sure the half way point feels good. We’re rooting for you.:yay::yay:

GO, STEF, GOOOOOOOOO!!!:woot::yay::cheering:

What pattern are you using? Baby blankets take so much longer to knit than baby sweaters!

Awesome!!! Baby blankets always seem to take forever!! Hang in there and knit knit knit! I’m sure you’ll make the 19th!

It is very simple and straight forward. knit and purl. I just googled it and found one on I was nervous about a sweater because you have to connect and it needs to be even. I knew I could get away with a bit more on this. I might attempt socks next, but I am scared because they are so little!