Baby Blanket

Hello I am new here and I had a question about a baby blanket I am designing. It has 169 sts and I am using # 7 needles and 1 lb of yarn. My question is" What will the finished size be?" or “How can I determine the finished size of the project?” Thank you for your time and co-operation!
P.S. I hope that someone will be able to help me I am planning on typing out the pattern when I am done but it would be nice to figure out the finished size. I f anyone wants a copy of the pattern I will be more then happy to email it to you! You can email me at

Did you do a guage swatch? The only way to really know (at least for me) what the finished size will be is to do a guage swatch where you weighed the amount of yarn you used and then do the math.