Baby blanket

This is the first baby blanket for my little baby… I am making it in 5 colors because we are not going to find out if it is a boy or a girl… I will repeat the 5 colors again but less rows for each one…

My hubby calls it “multicolored blanket”…

Very cute :flirt: What kind of stitch pattern are you using. Congats on the new baby :hug: .

Beeeautiful!!! :heart:

Thank you!!

I am using a stitch from the Big Book of Knitting Stitch Pattern, the Open Mock cable… it is easy enough that I can knit and watch tv at the same time without worrying about counting…

I CO 132 stitches and I am using needles size 8mm/11US

:cheering: It’s gorgeous so far, will be great when finished! What yarn are you using?

That’s very pretty!

I am using the new Bernat Satin… I saw it and I totally fell in love with the colors and the feel, it is extremely soft!!

Beautiful so far!!!

It looks quite squishy and warm with its soft pastel color scheme. I’ve only used the Bernat Satin once, but it is nice to work with. Although, I think I should have used wooden or bamboo needles with it since it is rather slippery.
Congrats on your first baby.

How sweet is that! I am sure you little one be so soft and cozy in it. I love it!

congrats on the baby news

I love the blanket! I’ve been meaning to make one for my little guy that’s on the way but it kind of hit me now that I only have 4 weeks to go–a project I MUST finish before starting anything else and they doctors are talking inducement or maybe even c-section. The stitch pattern you picked is beautiful–I have that book and will have to check it out.

Thank you everyone for all the compliments… I am still working on it… it is amaizing how my brain works with the little one inside… I go from doing one thing to the other, so I end up with stuff half way done… :??

I keep telling my husband that the baby is taking all the energy I put on connecting my neurons for him/herself!! :teehee: