Baby blanket

Hi everyone
Started knitting again and back on this site, I was wondering, I found some 100% cotton yarn and I wanted to knit a little baby blanket, any suggestions for a pattern?

Have you checked here?
Knitting pattern central - baby blankets

[color=indigo]I made this one using all my scraps up. Turned out gorgeous.[/color]

thank you so much, I decided to knit the feather and fan baby blanket for my nephew. He arrived 3 days ago so he will probably be 5 months old by the time I’m finished but you never REALLY grow out of a blanket right?

I have all of the baby blankets that were knit/crocheted for me when i was a baby. I am soon to be 31, and when I get sick, I still pull them out and cuddle with them…I also have a “sick” pillow that I only use when I’m not feeling well, and need to be propped up. Mom lives 3 hours away, so that’s the next best.

You are definatley never too old for blankets.

I have however, been accused on several occasions of being childish… :blooby:

I still have the ones from my childhood too. They are definitely the coziest blankets I have. I change my mind and I am going to knit the “big badd baby blanket” out of the stitch and bitch handbook. This is my first big project so we’ll see how well I do.