Baby blanket

I am knitting a baby blanket and it tells me to yfwd and yarn next am confused as how to do 1 straight after the other could you please help me?

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What is the name of your pattern?
Maybe the pattern is asking for a double yarn over?

Hi thank you for getting back to me . The name of the pattern is

UKHKA138. Look forward to your help.

Very pretty. It looks like double yarn overs as shown in the video. In the following row how are the double yarn overs worked? As one stitch, as two?
You can quote the 2 rows involved which may help. Don’t give us a large portion of the pattern due to designer copyright.

It is vert pretty the 2 rows go like this

K9p1 yrn p1 p3tog p1 yon k2 yfwd yrn p1 p3tog p1 yrn p1 k8 rep from to last st k1.

P1 p8 k1 p12 k1 rep from to last 9sts p9

They are the 2 rows.

Perfect. The yfwd, yrn is a double yarn over. Just make sure to wrap the yarn twice around the right hand needle so that you have 2 new loops on the needle.

After the k2 in row 1 bring the yarn to the front between the needles and over the right hand needle to the back; that’s one. Then bring the yarn to the front again between the needles, over the right hand needle to the back; that’s two. You’ll have two new loops on the right hand needle. Now bring the yarn forward between the needles again so that you’re yarn is in position to p1.

When you get to the 2nd row and the double yarn over, drop one of the loops off the left hand needle, keeping one loop of the yarn over on the left needle. Purl into that loop and continue along the row.

Ok thank you i will try it.

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It is an 8 row pattern and the rows i sent you are rows 3 and 4 the . The rows 7 and 8 are the same as 3 and 4 ,so do i slip 1 off row 4 and row 8?

Yes, repeat rows 3 and 4 as long as the pattern tells you to do so on rows 7 and 8. So slip off one of the double yarn overs on row 8.

Just so i know what im doing i just discard 1st loop and just drop it off the left needle is that right?

Yes, you’ll see that it’s really one big loop. It might help to try this on a swatch. You only need to knit a few sts, make the double yarn over and then purl a couple. On the return row, when you come to the double yarn over, drop one loop and purl into the remaining loop.

Thank you so much for your help. I wouldnt of known to drop a loop otherwise .

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Hi i just wandered when i do rows 4 and 8 do i drop all yon ?

Don’t drop all yarn overs on rows 4 and 8. The only yarn over to drop is one of the double yarn overs. You’ll still keep one of these double yarn overs on the needle and you’ll keep all the other yarn overs.
K9 p1 yrn p1 p3tog p1 yon k2 yfwd yrn p1 p3tog p1 yrn p1 k8 rep from to last st k1.

You need to keep these other yarn overs in order to maintain the stitch count.

I seem to be getting more stitches thou.

In the two pattern rows there are 4 yarn overs (the double yarn over is treated as a single large yo in the second row you quoted). That’s an increase of 4sts.
There are two p3tog stitches. That’s 4 sts decreased. So the increases and decreases balance out.

Mark off the repeats with stitch markers or small loops of scrap yarn in a contrasting color. It’ll help you keep count and recognize where there may be a mistake. When the stitch count isn’t correct you can look at each repeat, count sts and figure out where the error is.
It’s easy to miss a yarn over or maybe a p2tog instead of p3tog. I’m usually guilty of missing yarn overs.

What stitch count are you getting after working the 8 row pattern?

Ok thank you.

So should i have 120 sts from start of pattern until it measures 86 cms?

Yes, your rows will have 120 sts. Count the double yarn over as one stitch because you drop one of the loops. The only reason for the double yarn over is to give you extra yarn in that yarn over.

If you use markers you would put one after the first 9sts, then one every 22sts and finally one before the last stitch. There will be 5 repeats of 22sts each in the rows that you quoted above.

Ok thank you for all your help.

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