Baby blanket

I am currently expecting my first baby and have rediscovered knitting during lockdown in preparation for the new arrival. I have completed a little cardigan but would now like to make a blanket… I found one that I think looks quite nice… see link below but I only have dk wool and not sure what it means by using 2 strands… can anyone advise me if it would be a good one to try with this wool and how, or does anyone know of any really nice patterns at all?

Welcome to KH!!!

What is the name of the yarn you want to use?? Also, what size needles do you have??

Using 2 strands means pulling from 2 skeins/balls at the same time and using both at once. Pretending that it’s one strand of yarn. This is a very nice pattern. And since you already know how to make a sweater, this blanket should be easy for you!!

Happy knitting!! And don’t forget to come back here if u have more questions!!!


Thankyou for replying, I have some DK wool by kingcole called cottonsoft. I have also some cream coloured wool that’s DK too. Needle wise I’ve only got 3.25 and 4mm needles but I read that I may need some circular ones which I’m happy to buy.
Do I need to intertwine the two strands of wool?
I’m eager to give it a go but want to be sure it’s all good first, thankyou for your help!

If you want to use 2 strands together you will need to buy some needles more along the size of 6.5mm or 8mm or 9mm. And circular needles would be good to hold the large amount of sts.

And no u don’t need to do anything special with the yarn before you use 2 strands together. Put the 2 balls or skeins in your bag and pull out both ends at the same time. Then cast on the required amount of sts with those yarns together.

If there is a local yarn shop near you, try taking everything over there and ask them to help u get started!!


Is there a way of knitting this without using the two strands together, or does this pattern need it?
Im happy to invest in some more needles if needed though as I am really enjoying getting back into it again. and no, I haven’t got a yarn shop anywhere near me unfortunately.

No, this pattern doesn’t need to use 2 strands of yarn. But u would have to use a much smaller needle size and increase the number of stitches for your blanket since the yarn is thinner.

Take a look at the yarn label to see if there’s any recommendation for needle size. That’s a good place to start.


I’d knit a swatch of the pattern using one strand and your smallest needles to find out if you’d like the way it turned out. It’s a pretty blanket, hope you complete it in time!