baby blanket

What would be a good type of cast on for a baby blanket?

The pattern is here:


I always use the long tail cast-on. Nice and basic.


Thanks, knitcindy. The long tail cast on is nice and basic, but as I am casting on over 100 stitches, I’m not sure how long a tail to leave.

Also, I was wondering if there’s a lovelier edge with other cast on methods which go well for a baby blanket.

Thanks for your thoughts!

I like the long tail cast on too or its sister the German twisted cast on especially with a ribbed border.
You can estimate the yarn length needed for the cast on by wrapping the yarn around the needle 10 or 20 times and marking the beginning and end of the wraps. Then unwrap and measure the length of yarn and scale up to get the length needed for your stitch number.

Another way is to use 2 ends of yarn to work the cast on. Then you can’t run out of yarn.

There are decorative cast ons like a picot cast on but they work better with a plainer edge. One other possibility is to crochet a simple edge around the entire blanket after you finish.

Oh! Thank you very much everyone!

I use the long tail for all my projects!! And I make TONS of baby blankets. Have made about 20 so far this year.

Unfortunately, I have no qualms about ripping out and starting over if my tail isn’t long enough. And ripping out if my original tail is too long! (Can u tell I do a lot of ripping??)

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll find a beautiful CO that will fit your project!!


Use two strands of yarn (2 skeins or the yarn from outside and inside the skein) and make slip knot and cast on with both. I always do this when I have to cast on a lot of stitches.

Thanks for everyone’s input! It sure helps a lot to decide. I went with knitcindy and salmonmac’s suggestion and used the long tail cast on. I looked up how to do it through very pink. It is very nice.

Nice to know knitcindy knits so many baby blankets. It won’t be long till I have another question about baby blankets.

Thank you!

I’m knitting one now for my granddaughter. :slight_smile:

I use the crochet cast on for many of my knitting projects.
Just a thought.

On some large items I USE the knitted cast on, because I don’t have to estimate how much of a tail to use. But, if you wind your yarn around your needle the number of stitches you need you will have the right amount of yarn for the tail.