Baby Blanket Yarn

I’m a new knitter, and would like some opinions from everyone on what they feel is the “best” yarn for a baby blanket.(said baby is a boy, and my friends)

if you do a search, there are a lot of threads about this.

personally, i love caron simply soft and bernat baby boucle.

I LOVE Bernat Satin. I am kniiting up a blanketweave blanket in it in [I]Silk[/I] for my nephew-to-be. I LOVE it. It’s so soft and it has a sheen to it.

thanks! being new to knitting(and this forum) is a bit overwhelming. I finished my forst project ever…a fun fur scarf. Figured I’d make sure I could do a basic stitch before I tried anything more complex, lol!

I would also trade my husband for yarn!..or a handful of magic beans…or a can of soda,lol

I’ve made several baby blankets out of Sirdar’s “Tiny Tots” yarn. It comes in lots of pretty colors and gets softer and softer every time you wash it! :slight_smile: Here’s a link:

what a great website! thanks a million!

Right now I’m making a blanket out of Cascade Cash Vero. I love it! It is soooo soft. It’s 55% merino extra fine wool, 33% microfiber acrylic and 12% cashmere. Very yummy.

I really like Bernat Softee. It’s super soft and very inexpensive.