Baby blanket--what to do?

Hi all–
I’m going to knit a baby blanket for a relative & I’m leaning toward one of the block ones, where you knit squares & sew them together at the end. I was going to do traditional pastel, but then I thought of doing bright colors. There’s some nice yarn at my LYS that would be perfect for that. So instead of baby blue, baby yellow, etc., I was thinking Crayola colors. I’m having a hard time making up my mind–any thoughts?? Knowing the mom-to-be, I think she’d like either one.

I like the idea of bright colors. Babies looked at them more, they’re gender neutral, and are still ‘acceptable’ to carry around when the child is older if that becomes Blankie.

yea, I’m leaning toward the bright colors, since the baby will be able to see it better- Do you know how she will be decorating the nursery?

Go for the brights!! Everyone gets so many pastel things when the baby is born. I had more yellow and green stuff when I had my first- something nice and colorful would probably be a nice change- and as Ingrid said, the baby will look at it more!

I like the idea of the bright colors too! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the input & I agree. I don’t know the nursery theme; I don’t think they really have a theme since they’re young & were sort of surprised by the whole thing. I’m going for the bright colors then. Thanks, fellow knitters! :heart:

:smiley: I’m joining the chorus of brights, as well :cheering: :happydance: