Baby blanket trim question (pick up stitches)

I’m making the blanket linked above. The direction for the trim have you pick up stitches all the way around the blanket. This seems very hard to do. Is it as messy as it looks? Any hints on how to make this easier?


With WS facing, and starting in the corner opposite the hood, PU st all the way around the blanket. PU one st for every st along top and bottom of blanket and open edge of hood, and 3 st for every 4 rows along sides of blanket. As you go, place a stitch marker in each of the 3 blanket corners.
As you work, you’ll place an increase of your choice before and after each marker every other rnd.
Work edging of choice (broken rib shown) for 1 inch, then bind off.
Edging Suggestions: Broken rib, seed stitch, garter stitch, moss stich, picot edging, simple eyelet, etc.

Have you looked at the video on how to pick up stitches? It’s under the Tips section toward the bottom.

Yes I have. The blanket is 26x26 so won’t that be lot of stitches on one needle (yes I’m working on a circular but you know what I mean). Plus it’s on 3 sides and the hood so won’t everything be all bunched up making it diffiuclt to control?

It might get kind of bunched up as you say. One thing you could do is to use more than 1 circular needle of the same size to give you the gauge you want, maybe 2 or 3. PU half or a third on one circular then start using another one. Basically use them like you would DPNs moving from one to the next as you come to them while going around.

Unless you have a very short circular, it should be okay. Yes, it might be a little bunched up, but as long as you have a couple inches of needle to use, it’ll be fine. If you like, as you pick up stitches and get halfway around, put the first set of sts on a holder or another circ and continue picking up all around.

Ok thanks… It just sounded so complicated…:muah:

Sorry, maybe I am just dense but I’m trying to work on the same pattern - it sure is cute - and I can’t quite figure out how to put the edge on. When I’m all said and done picking up stitches how is it supposed to work that the entire blanket has an edge on 1 (or 1 set) of needles so it is stretched out on in a line. I’m practicing with a little square that I made, so it isn’t exactly the same, but even when I get to my 3rd edge the yarn doesn’t want to stretch anymore. Is it somehow supposed to be like circle knitting (not that I know how I would do it in a circle but it was the only thing I could think of)? I’m sorry if this is really obvious but I keep ripping it out and starting over.

Thanks for your help.

Yes, to knit all the sts on an edge of a blanket, you need a circular needle to flex and hold them all. You don’t have to knit in the round, you can still do rows, and sew the edges of the border.