Baby blanket question

ok…so my hat is coming out pretty well (and didn’t take 6 months, as I suspected)…so thinking about the next project…I thought maybe a blanket…?

would/could I make lots of squares and sew them together…or should I do it on circular needles as one big square (but I want it to look like lots of squares of different colors)…or what would you suggest?

Farrah =)

Personally the thought of sewing a million squares together makes me twitch, but maybe that’s just me. :teehee: If you decided to do that you’ll need to make all the squares the same size for easy seaming. That’s not always easy if you choose to use different patterns on each square, but it’s not impossible.

There are tons of blanket/afghan patterns here. Give it a try and see if you can find something that you just have to knit. :wink:
There are also baby blanket patterns under the baby topic.

LOL, me too! It is very common in crochet to make a blanket of “grannie squares” - lots of crocheted squares then sewn together. By the time I made all the squares I think the last thing I’d want to do is sew them together. :slight_smile:

If you do it by changing color all the time, you will then have a ton of lose ends to weave in so I guess sew seams, weave in ends - pick your poison, right?

An idea would be to make a blanket where difference TEXTURES lead to a patchwork effect. A very easy way would be to alternate blocks of stockinette and garter stitch, in a border of garter stitch. I made a blanket like this several years ago and, while not the most beautiful blanket in the world, it was nice enough and easy to work.

You could do the blanket in long strips and sew them together.
Do strips in series of blocks different colours. still looks like squares but without having to sew lots together.

Some of us twitch at sewing a lot of blocks together, (I am sort of in that group too, but I’ve gotten a little better [twitch, twitch, lol]), but other people love it so don’t let any of us discourage you; it is a very ligitimate way to do a blanket.

I like the idea of doing what look like blocks in strips and then sewing the strips together for an overall “block” look. There are some afghans that are written that way. I have one in an older book. If you could find one of the patterns that use that approach you could get a better idea of how to go about it. That way you have blocks, and still don’t have to do quite so much sewing. Unless you looove the sewing. Some do. LOL

here are a few

this one is crochet but i love the check pattern idea. imagine it in softer baby colours. :inlove:
would be easy to do similar in knitting. It Uses two strands together to get the colour change effect.

ok…I finished my hat and decided that i DO NOT want to have to sew blocks together…LOL What a pain! Anyways…I broke down and bought circular needles…so I’ll re-design my plan =)


Hi Farrah,

I’m also looking for a baby blanket to do and found this one and thought of you. It has the square look of different colours, but is knit in a single piece…


YES! That’s what I had in mind and it doesn’t require sewing the squares. =)