Baby Blanket Question

Has anyone made the “Original Mountain Laurel Crib Counterpane” baby blanket that’s on the Free Patterns section of this site? The direct link is below:

It looks absolutely gorgeous and I’m thinking about making it for a family member who’s pregnant. I’m wondering about how long it took and if the assembly was difficult. I have a list of projects ahead of this one and I’m hoping I can squeeze it in before the baby is born!

Thanks so much!

OMG that’s pretty!


wow! that is absolutely gorgeous! and it looks pretty challenging to knit to my eyes but I guess you can do anything if you just give it a try :slight_smile:

if you do decide on starting on this blanket: please please keep us updated on the progress.
I just found out the girlfriend of my boyfriends best friend (hmm does that still make sense) is pregnant and I’m wondering if I should make something for her once she’s past that tricky 3 month stage…

I’m not that great at piecing stuff together yet. I think I might make all of the sections and either go to my LYS for a quick lesson or beg my mother-in-law for help sometime this summer.
It’s just so beautiful I have to try it!