Baby Blanket Pattern Needed

Hey Ladies,

I want to knit my Nephew a baby blanket and I was wondering if you guys have a favorite baby blanket pattern you would like to share. Thanks.


There are been many posts about baby blankets lately. Just go to the search feature at the top of the page and put in “baby blankets” and you’ll get a whole bunch of pattern links and ideas. :wink:


I had to go digging around for it because the link on this site doesn’t work anymore. I was fretting because I thought it was no longer available but here it is. I LOVE this blanket and if I EVER find the perfect yarn for it, I will get it started and it will go to the first person who has a baby after it is finished. (assuming that I like them sufficiently enough anyway…lol!)

(my love of the pattern may have something to do with the gorgeous baby too…lol)

Brenda, that blanket is just beautiful! I hope that some day I can be that good to knit that.

Thanks Jan :wink:

well i can’t guarantee i won’t throw it in the garbage but i figure it is just pieces stitched together so maaaaaaaaaybe… :roll: