Baby Blanket Pattern Help

Just starting a new project and while reading thru pattern I already have a question.

The link is:

Once I’ll knit the 3 rows of Seed Stitch for the top border, the pattern states:

Working the first and last 4 sts in Seed Stitch and continuing to slip the first st of every row, begin with Row 1 of chart repeating chart 3 times across, etc.

The Seed Stitch Pattern is:
R1: *K1, P1: rep from *
R2: sl 1, *K1, P1: rep from *, end K1
R3: sl 1, *P1 K1; rep from *, end P1

I realize I’ll be knitting the side borders while completing the pattern but I’m not sure what it means by "working the first and last 4 sts in Seed Stitch and continuing to slip the first st of every row. I just assumed I’d be continuing the Seed St pattern row by row as I knit each of the side borders, no??? In other words, wouldn’t I simply start R1 of Seed St border pattern again on each side, followed by R2, etc. ??

Thanks again for all the help,
Lee Lee

The side border is the first and last 4 stitches in each row. So yes, you’ll slip the first stitch of each row (as if to purl) and then seed stitch the next 3 stitches, then do whatever is called for in the moon and stars pattern, then seed stitch the last 4 stitches of each row. The reason for slipping the first stitch is just that it makes the edges look neater.

Whenever I’m knitting something with a border, even a simple one, I put a stitch marker between whatever is in the middle and whatever the border stitches are–it helps to remind me to switch to the border pattern. Just a suggestion you might try!

:thumbsup: Thanks much for the help. I’m on my way to knitting this nifty blanket for my neighbor’s daughter who is expecting in April. I love the pattern, but being a new knitter I need to write the entire pattern out, row by row. You’ve been a great help with the borders.

BTW, if any new knitters out there would like for me to email the pattern as I’ve typed it, row by row, stitch by stitch, I’d be glad to send it your way.

I’ve only typed up the Moon & Stars Baby Blanket pattern, but I also noticed one using the same method with cute little bears that should be just as adorable.

Have a Happy New Year
Lee Lee

I know it’s been a couple of years ago that this post was started but I’m hoping that you can help me with a question about this same baby blanket.

The pattern says to read the chart beginning at the bottom right corner. It then goes on to say Row 1 and odd rows are read left to right. Hmmm…this seems to be saying the opposite. Any ideas?

Also, LeeLee you posted that you wrote out the entire pattern for the moon and stars baby blanket. I’m a new knitter myself and could use all the help I can get. Do you still have it and if so could you send it to me? I would be super appreciative.

Thanks for any help you can give me!

Yes, it is a confusing direction. Since you do 3 rows of seed st for the bottom border, I would proceed with row 1 of the chart on the left hand side. Continue reading the chart according to the direction:
Row 1 and odd rows are read left to right, row 2 and even rows read right to left.
Both the seed st border and the chart pattern are reversible so as long as you read the odd rows in one direction and the even in the other, you’ll be ok.

Thanks for the quick reply! I appreciate the advice, salmonmac!