Baby Blanket Pattern Help Required!

Hi - this is my first message so hello to you all!
I have just started knitting again after years of not. I found a kit for knitting a baby blanket for my second baby, due in June so I have to try and knit quickly!
Anyway, the pattern instructions are confusing me and I need some help - should I just copy them here or would I be able to upload a scan of the pattern so you can see it?

Red x

[color=indigo]Just give us the part that’s confusing you. Oh and congrats on the new little one! :cheering: [/color]


OK, here goes. The first part of the pattern is fine:

Moss st row for 4 rows
Cont in patt as folls:
[color=red]Row 1[/color] Moss st 3, *k23, moss st 23; rep from * once more, k23, moss st 3
[color=red]Row 2[/color] Moss st 3, *p23, moss st 23; rep from * once more, p23, moss st 3
[color=brown]These 2 rows set the patt.[/color]
Work a further 28 rows

[color=red]Row 31[/color] Moss st 26, k23, moss st 23, k23, moss st 26
[color=red]Row 32 [/color]Moss st 26, p23, moss st 23, p23, moss st 26.
[color=brown]Rows 33 to 60 Work in patt as set[/color]
Rep rows 1 to 60 twice more.
Work 4 rows moss st
Cast off

I’m confused at where it says Work in patt as set after rows 33 to 60. Does this mean the patt that is set in rows 1 and 2 or the new patt that is set in rows 31 and 32?
Unfortunately there is no clear picture of the finished blanket I can look at

I’d work 31 and 32 again. It looks like you’re making squares of moss stitch/stockinette stitch. This section is the reverse of the previous one.

Thanks Ingrid - I was just thinking the same after mulling it over in the bath! Helps to have that opinion confirmed though!