Baby Blanket on Large Needles

I’m looking for an easy pattern for a baby blanket done on large needles, so it goes quickly. This is a surprise baby, so I don’t have much time to get this done. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

there are quite a few large needle blankets at Not sure if any are specified as baby blankets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the concept and make it baby-sized. Many of them use 4-or even more yarns held together - for a baby I might only use 2, and instead of size 15 needles, maybe only 9-11 so it won’t be too thick and bulky.

I am currently doing a baby blanket using Red Heart Baby Clouds on size 15’s. No specific pattern, just SS with GS border. The Baby Clouds is such a fuzzy yarn at special stitch pattern really isn’t visible. But it’s extremely soft and yummy.

I made my two neices blankets for Christmas last year and used Baby Clouds (even though they’re 7th and 8th grade, LOL!) both because it was really thick and would knit up fast and baby yarn was the only yarn I could find in the colors they wanted. It worked up wonderfully, and after 1 washing and a run through the dryer with Bounce, they were amazingly soft. They both were cuddled up underneath them last year, and still tell me that they use them all the time. So, I’d also agree that Baby Clouds is the way to go!:thumbsup:

What kind of knitting do you like to do? IF you are pressed for time, why not just a plain garter stitch throughout, in some lovely yarn that you absolutely feel good with…nice to touch, great color. I wouldn’t use mohair or fuzzy yarns for a baby…

Have fun with it!