Baby Blanket losing stitches after pattern row

Hello all!
I’ve been knitting and crocheting for many years. I’m self-taught and really enjoy all the help available from the internet and sites like this one!
I’ve been searching for a pattern for 6 years that I lost. Well, I just found it last week and ordered the magazine. I made 2 of these blankets years ago and didn’t see a problem then. Now that I’m more experienced - Argh! I’ve frogged it 3 times because the next pattern row (after the first one) doesn’t line up! I think I’m losing stitches somewhere but I can’t figure it out! It should be simple…
Cast on 153 stitches
Row 1: wrong side: (P1,k1) twice (border), p to within last 4 st, (k1,p1) twice (border)
Row 2: (K1,p1) twice, k to within last 4 st (p1,k1) twice
Row 3: Repeat row 1
Row 4: (K1,p1) twice (k1,yo) 3 times, * (sl,k1,psso) twice, sl2, k1, sl both sl sts over k st (k 2 tog) twice, (yo, k1) 5 times,yo, rep from * , end last rep (yo, k1) 3 times, (p1,k1) twice

From my figuring, it looks like during the repeats I’m removing 6 stitches and adding 5 with the yarn overs. This ruins the next occurrence of the pattern row. :??
Thanks for any insight…

Boy, this is a tricky one -
(K1,p1) twice (k1,yo) 3 times, * (sl,k1,psso) twice, sl2, k1, sl both sl sts over k st (k 2 tog) twice, [COLOR=Blue](yo, k1) 5 times, yo,[/COLOR] rep from *, end last rep (yo, k1) 3 times, (p1,k1) twice

Be very careful that you get that last YO after the yo k 5 times. That adds the 6th stitch that was decreased. You should be [I]adding [/I]stitches though, there’s 3 YOs at the beg and end of that row, which also adds 6 more stitches. Is there another row that decs 3 sts at the beg and end of the row?

Oh!!! I totally missed that y/o after the (yo k 5 times)!!! I’ve looked at it so many times - sigh - thanks so much… the last repeat that ends with the 3 y/o’s at the end also increases 5 stitches but misses the usual 5 y/o’s at the end of the repeat.

Here are the rest of the rows…
Rows 5-16: Repeat rows 1- 4 3 times
Rows 17-19: Repeat rows 1-3
Row 20: (K1,p1) twice (k2tog)3 times, * (yo,k1)5 times, yo, (sl1,k1, psso) twice, sl2, k1, sl both sl sts over k st, (k2tog) twice, rep from * end last rep (sl,k1,psso) 3 times,(p1,k1) twice.
Row 21-32: Repeat rows 17-20 3 times. Repeat rows 1-32 for pat 4 times Repeat rows 1-18, end right side.
Bind off loosely in P

Okay the extra 3 yos at the beg and end of row 4,would add 18 sts, and row 20 repeated 3 times with its decs offsets them. What’s the name of the pattern, is it kind of wavy looking with all the incs and decs?

Yes, it says it is a variation of feather and fan.
I’ve attached a picture. The pattern is called Lacy Coverlet. I think those missing y/o’s you noticed have been my problem. This is the last time I’ll frog it - good thing it’s cheap polyester knitting worsted. I always remembered this blanket because with the larger 10.5 needles it’s not stiff.
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Thanks again for your fresh eyes and your knowledge and being here to help people like me!

Yep, it’s easy to miss a yo with this pattern. I count the stitches, starting with the first yo k1 times 5 is 10 +1 = 11, then dec twice, dbl dec, dec twice for a total count of 16. I also check that the dble dec is stacked over the one 3 rows below.

Yes! even though the 5 y/o’s were so obviously out of whack on row 8 - I knew something was very wrong, but still missed that extra y/o. I’m on the right path now.

Once again, many thanks…:slight_smile:

It may help with a pattern like this to add in a lifeline. It makes it easier to rip out rows and know where you are when you pick up the row again.