Baby Blanket Ideas Please!

Hi all! I have been planning to make a baby quilt for my sister’s first baby that would need to be done by the beginning of April. However, now that I am loving knitting, I was thinking of knitting a great blanky for her. My problem is that I want to do something special – as special as a fabulous quilt would be – (maybe special yarn?), but I’m not sure what to do.

Any ideas? Her baby is going to be a boy, BTW. I’d only have approx 6 weeks to finish, so I don’t want to do something too difficult, but I also don’t want something to plain.



Hi Holly,

I recently finished a baby blanket from a Paton’s leaflet. They have loads of great blankets that are easy to knit. I did mine in about a month. I’ve got a pic posted on my blog if you like.

I also like patchwork blankets with knitted squares of different colours, but as I hate seaming I have never done one. That would be an idea as well.

Personally, I suggest making two blankets. One lovely (quick!) and usable blanket - the type which can be put down on the floor or used in the crib or car seat… a lovely soft huggable one which the child will drag around as a toddler. :slight_smile: The other one could be a lovely, lacy white one for the baptism/christening (if there is one). That one can be very large and made from fine, good wool. It would then be wrapped up and put away for the wedding day and can be used as a bride’s shawl!

I just bought this book by Leisure Arts. The one I’m making is very easy, but not plain. There a quite a few that are very easy without being plain.

Hope that helps.

Great ideas :slight_smile: Egeria, your blanket is awesome! It looks a little intimidating to me, though :shock: ! Was it hard to pick up stitches along the edge?

Ekgheiy – great book idea :slight_smile: What kind of stitches are you using on that blanket?

Sockknitter – great idea to make two! Unfortunately, I don’t know that I have the speed to accomplish that before the shower. However, I intend to keep knitting things for my little nephew!!

What do you guys suggest for baby yarn? I really don’t like the feel of acrylic worsted weight for a baby project, and , as Sockknitter suggested, I want it to be so soft and cuddly that everyone wants to keep hugging it at the shower :wink: hehe !!


[color=red] My type in red… :slight_smile: [/color]

Oh, I LOVE that idea of a white lacy christening blanket doing double duty at the kid’s wedding. That’s just a wonderful plan.

I agree—there are some quite soft acrylics out now. Caron Simply Soft is really quite soft right from the start, kind of a brushed acrylic, and very cozy not to mention WASHABLE. Hee hee
If you are dying to make something of high-quality wool for him, think about a wall hanging for the nursery done in the color scheme of the room.
If he turns out to be not allergic to wool, some little felted wool animals would be cute, too.

I’ll have to try out that Caron simply soft – that is pretty readily available, isn’t it? I’m feeling the need for yet another yarn (and pattern) shopping trip!

Good tips re: wash and wear. My fondest hope would be that this blankey becomes THE blankey :smiley: ! I made a quilt for another nephew, and he is in Kindergarten now and it is still his favorite, drag around the house blanket! I was thankful that I used good, washable fabrics.


Hiya Holly, I’m glad you like the blanket! I admit it was intimidating for me as well but I thought there was no better way to learn new techniques! Paton’s have another blanket I want to knit up, a bigger lace-effect blanket. Can’t wait!

Picking up the stitches was dead easy especially after I watched Amy’s video on this site!

Whatever you decide to knit keep us posted with pictures!

In typical Holly fashion, I couldn’t decide between quilting and knitting, so I decided to do both! I found a really cute, 100% cotton print of tropical fish (the nursery theme) that was on sale for $3.96/yard – how can I pass that up?! Next, I found a nice, bright yellow baby yarn (Bernat Softee Baby), and am going to do a simple basket weave pattern with a garter stitch border. The knitted blanket will be a nice compliment to the bright tropical fish.

Pattern page: (I will double the pattern size for a 30" blanket)

Soooo…I get home with a plan and supplies and my Mom calls. Apparently, the fabric I chose is really close to the same as her pre-quilted panel blanket she is making, AND my sister’s mother in law has bought fabric and hired someone to make a quilt :evil:

Has I realized this, I probably would have opted for a more intricate knitted blanket and no quilt. Do you think a basket weave pattern is too simple for a gift?


Holly, I think the basketweave baby blanket will be absolutely LOVELY. I like that pattern & printed it off so that I can make one too, one of these days.
:slight_smile: kimmie

Hey Holly,

Check this out! :slight_smile:

Or scroll down and check out the basketweave on this site.

This one is pretty.

Just some :idea:[size=6]s[/size]

Thanks for the replies! I looked long and hard at the round baby blanket – very original! In the end, I chickened out!! I got scared off by starting with DPN’s and switching to circulars :shock: However, that blanket is so original, I would love to make it. Has anyone tried it?

Kimmie – thanks for the vote of confidence! I loved the basic idea of the three blankets with the garter stitch border. My first non-scarf project was a basketweave design backpack, and I just loved it.

Now, if this baby yarn would only work up a little bit faster!! :wink: