Baby blanket I am working on

I am working on a baby blanket currently But I do have a question I am using the moss stitch but does anyone think that it is a good stitch to use for a baby blanket?? When I learn how to use a digital camera I will post a picture.

I don’t see why not? It is a nice texture and it lays nice and flat.[/i]

Moss stitch or seed stitch… both would be pretty~!! :eyebrow:

yes- the texture is nice for the baby to touch and feel. and it looks purty and as a pp said- it lies nice and flat… MKZ

I think it makes it very nice baby blanket – my first 2 projects were blankets for my newphew and my daughter, both done with a moss stitch and varigated yarn. In fact the baby blanket I am working on now is also a moss stitch, just varied to make a diamond pattern.