Baby Blanket HELP


I am knitting a baby blanket with Bernat Baby Jacquards and size 5US needles, and casted on 75 stitches, and am planning to make it without a pattern. However, I cannot decide if I should make it in garter st or st st? Also, if you have any EASY baby blanket patterns, I’d appreciate it!


Garter stitch is about the easiest ever - just knit every row.

Stockinette Stitch - the sides will curl if all you do is stock. st. You should garter stitch the first and last 5 rows, and on the sides do about 5-6 stitches in garter, then switch to st. st. THis will keep the edges from curling in.

So you would reccommend I do st st?

She’s saying that if you do it in stockinette stitch the edges and ends will curl up so you’ll need to have at least a one inch edge on all sides in garter or seed stitch to prevent the curling.

So, what would you reccommend, suzeeq?


I just completed my first baby blanket at it was very easy. Uses basic stitches. It does have a chart for for portions, but it too is very simple. I’m a novice knitter with very basic skills so I’d recommend this to you. I choose the moon & stars blanket, but there is also a cute teddy bear pattern on same web site.

Here’s the link:

Best of luck!
Lee Lee

There are many easy blanket pattern, look at the free patterns on and and Lion brand yarn’s website has a lot of them.

This pattern is good too.

this is my favorite

and super easy, all garter stitch!