Baby blanket help?

(x-posted from Ravelry board…) So, I’m making a baby blanket for a faculty couple in my college dorm who are expecting their first. I’m hoping I can take the opportunity to learn some new stitch patterns, so I figured I’d make panels (maybe 5" squares or so) and alternate between something simple, like stockinette, and more interesting stitch patterns in different colors and seam at the end. I don’t have a ton of seaming experience, though…what’s the best way to make these neat? Should I give each square a garter border or something? Or perhaps I should make a border around the whole thing, but I’m not entirely sure how to do that…help? :slight_smile:

I hope someone answers this. I’m going to be making a baby blanket too and am looking for advice on edging, seaming, etc…

If your long panels alternate between various st patterns, make sure the sel sts on all sqs are the same. I personally don’t do slip sts on sel as they’re not as sturdy (plus baby blankets gets lots of wear and tear, washing and drying).

On your test swatch, try a sample of all stockinette border, or all garter. Practice seaming. You don’t want to make the pieces, not having decided on your sel st and then try to fig out how to put them together. See which sel st gives you the look you desire. You’ll most likely need to mattress stitch the vertical joins unless you’re planning some kind of decorative transitional st patt between the sqs in the panels.

Any stockinette sqs that fall on the outside edge of the afghan will curl on that one edge. However, if you add a full border on the piece that curl will be eliminated. A crocheted border gives you lots of options and can allow for variations in stitch count from your diff st patts.

Some ppl make afghans by joining various dishcloths that have garter edges. But you say you want to learn new st patts. You can try working each sq with a garter border (no chance of curling!) and then work your diff st patts inside of that but will the st patt fit to gauge inside the garter ‘frame’? Remember, diff sts have diff height and width. And again, you’ll have to see if you like seaming garter.

Hopefully the various st patts you’ve decided on will net you sqs that are the same size, otherwise you’ll end up with some sqs larger than others making seaming more difficult and your sqs won’t be straight.


Thank you! I was curious about that…I do see that different patterns are different sizes. Is it ok for seaming if my squares have slightly different stitch dimensions (as in, one is 30 stitches across and one is 28 or something), as long as they’re the same size? Or should I only use ones that I can match up exactly?

Your best bet is to aim for sz. Here is pic of afghan I did where no two sqs are the same (all diff st patts, gauge) but all were 6". Sqs were edged with sc and then seamed with a chain crochet picking up however many sts were needed from each but no two adjacent sqs had the same no of sc. You’re more concerned with how it looks than matching st counts.

ETA: on the afghan I did joining them separately with crochet allowed for the transition from one st patt to the next. If you’re still planning on doing panels with sqs of diff st patts running one after the other you’ll need to find st patts that are VERY similar in st count so you’ll need only a few incs/decs when shifting from one st patt to the next to achieve the same width. You may also find that some ‘sqs’ end up looking more rectangular if the row repeat doesn’t net you the same height as width.