Baby blanket help!

i’m trying to make this pattern at:

i wanted to know if you can help me out with row 1.



That blanket looks so cozy! Good Luck!!

Have you tried the Abbreviations Explained section? They explain the psso with a video… :XX:

So you’ve knitted the garter stitch for three inches and are having trouble with the first row of the pattern stitch? I can help, but maybe you could narrow down the problem for me? What part of the row is giving you fits?

thank you for your help

i’ll try to explain how i did it…this yo thing might be the reason…i end up with less stitches then i start with …i did look at the abbreviations section

so row 1. p2, *yo, sl1, k1, psso, k2tog, yo, p2

p2 got that,
yo would mean that i do that…about ready to do a knit ( i dont have an extra stitch here)
then i slip one knit wise
and then knit one
and then passed the slipped stitch over the knittined one
then knit 2 together
this yarn over i’ll have an extra stich because i’m about to do a purl
and purl2
and then repeat

so basically i have 2 decreases (psso, and k2tog) but only one increase (the last yo before the p2)

please help…

its so frustrating because i was able to do other more complicate lace patterns before…

The yo after the p2 should make an extra stitch too. After you K1, YO and then make sure the yarn stays in place as an extra stitch as you slip the next one. It’s probably slipping off or something since the next stitch is slipped.

The YO here means to create an extra loop. Since you’re purling & then moving onto a knit, you actually don’t bring your yarn to the back of your work b4 knitting. It’ll add an extra stitch in to make up for the one you’re getting ready to pass over.

thanks everyone…
i’ll have to take it out again…must be my 4th time
thanks again