Baby Blanket hell!?!? :hair:

:hair::hair:I used to be quite the little knitter when I was younger…

One of my friends recently had a baby. I was attempting to get this damn blanket finished before the baby was born and I f’ed it up royally…

The pattern is from a baby bernat yarn (I know it’s cheap but kids don’t appreciate the nice yarn…) It’s called sweet stripes Purple knit blanket

I’m having some trouble understand the pattern…

cast on 4 stitches --DO NOT JOIN (?)
1st row: (WS) knit (got that one)
2nd row: (Inc. Row) K2. yfwd (does that mean to bring it towards me like I’m going to purl?) knit to end of row…(that’s where I get thrown–…)
Rep last row until there are 190 stitches.

Next Row (RS-right side…) K2. yfwd. K2 tog. Knit to end of row. REp last row once more

Next Row: (Dec row) K1. K2tog. yfwd K2tog. Knit to end of row. Rep last row until there are 4 sts.

Next Row (RS) Knit. Cast off

Now I know I may sound like I dunce. But is this pattern calling for a knit and purl side? Right and wrong? And if I am knitting 2 then bringing the yarn towards me to knit2 then knitting to end or row am I actually purling or knitting???

I have been driving myself nuts trying to figure out if this damn blanket it supposed to be pirled and knitted or what…It looks like there is a decorative edge to it and that leads me to further confusion… Any help would be great…

It sounds like garter stitch to me, where you knit every row. If you wanted to, you could change it to stockinette and purl the back.

the yarn forward is to create a yarn over increase. Bring the yarn forward as if to purl and knit the next stitch. That’ll give you the increase and the decorative edge. The yarn over creates an eyelet, and on the second half of the blanket you continue to increase AND then decrease to keep the eyelets and narrow the blanket back down.

OK…I have no idea what yarn forward means then…how am I getting another stitch from that…it does look like there is an eyelet though. I guess that is a better word…

The blanket is being stitched like a big diamond I guess. But you already knew that didn’t you :slight_smile: I’ve never done a blanket like this so I’m confused. I can’t find a definitition anywhere on the yarn forward…

This sounds confusing, but isn’t too bad. Think of it as a diamond rather than a square. You start off with 4 stiches and each yarn forward is doing two things, creating that decorative edge and increasing one stitch. It is definitely in garter stitch where you knit every row. When you yarn forward you bring the yarn in front of your needle and then knit the next stitch. When you get to the 190 stitches, you’re decreasing so that you get the diamond shape. You need to keep doing the yarn forwards so that you get the decorative edge, but you’re also doing knit 2 together to decrease.
So, knit 2, bring the yarn in front of the needle and then knit to the end of the row. When you get to the decreases you need to knit 2 together, so stick your needle into two stitches and then knit them like normal.
Hope that helps!

Here’s a link to this website’s help with increasing. Yarn forward is also yarn over (yo).
Scroll to the bottom of the page.

It’s helping…I’m still not getting the yarbn forward thing…I’m visual…

Do I bring the yard towards me then go into the stitch as if I were going to knit…go front to back instead of back to front…does that make sense…? The yarn gets wrapped around the needle and then a stitch is put behind it? Then i go back to garter??

Ok, whatever I was doing looks like the first picture…I’m trying to figure out how to get it to look like the second picture…

I just found this site about 30 minutes ago so I didn’t know they had videos!?! :slight_smile:

K2, yo, knit the rest of the row. Repeat until you have 190 sts.

Which picture does yours look like?
Get your needles out. Knit two, take the yarn and bring it in front of your right needle and back again, then just knit normally into the next stitch. It just makes another stitch on your needles. As long as you make another stitch when you yarn over or yarn forward, you’re good.

My blanket looks like the decorative stitch–the one above the yarn over…
I’m a lefty if that helps…I hold the yarn in my right hand…

OK I was messing with the needles…I’m just wrapping the yarn around the right needle counter clockwise once then knitting the next stitch? It looked like it made a little hole when I did it…

Thanks for all of your help. I’m usually not this dumb…but am usually this big of a pain in the ass! I never got into any fancy patterns when I was a teenager. I just recently started knitting again (I’m 21 now) and I’m trying to move onto some more interesting patterns. I have major OCD and super ADHD so knitting along with all of the other crafts I enjoy are hard hobbies for me!

I think I may have gotten the yarn over thing. I wish they could make these patterns easier…they try to fit so much on the page that everything gets shortened and it looks like gibberish!

I was totally thinking that I was supposed to bring the yarn toward my like I was going to purl…I’m wrapping it around the needles then knitting as usual…Goodness I make things so complicated sometimes!

It’s supposed to make a hole, that’s the eyelet for the edging. And yeah, patterns have to be abbreviated some way or they’d be pages long for the simplest thing. Have you checked out the Glossary tab at the top of the page? It contains about all the abbreviations, many with videos.

Yes, I tried to look at the videos but unfortunately my computer is not fast enough to process the videos. So I am SOL there. I’ve tried looking at the glossaries on websites and they don’t make sense. Everything is too abbreviated. Thank you for your help though. I think I have it figured out. I just got out another ball or yarn to test it out and see if I can make the blanket the right way this time. Thank you.

Well you can always ask us when you can’t figure out something. That’s why we’re here.

smueller, did you get this figured out so that your pattern is working now?