Baby Blanket Gurus :)

What’s the quickest pattern, yet decent looking for a baby blanket? My friend is having a baby shower on Nov. 10 and I’m thinking of making her a blanket. Therefore I need a quick knit-up. (is that even a word?)

Tips from you wise folks, please. :hug: Thanks:muah:

I’d do a diagonal. Easy, quick and if you do the YOs before the 3rd stitch, it leaves a nice lace-type hole you can thread ribbon through and that really dresses them up! I did a yellow one for my granddaughter made from Bernat Baby Boucle double stranded with Caron Simply Soft… :inlove: It is gorgeous! The ribbon is long gone but she loves to nap under it, wrap her babydoll in it and generally snuggle up with it.

Basketweave is nice and easy, too. It just takes a tad longer.

mwhite, I just checked out your photos, very nice, you do keep busy.

Can you tell me is there a pattern for photo HPIM3300, it is a felted purse, but looks like it was made in sections? And do you have pic of the baby blanket you were talking about.

Thanks, Marilynn

I did this pattern just scaled down the size for a baby blanket – I used two strands of baby boulce (white & another color) and large needles. It was easy, was a forgiving pattern/yarn and went fast (and I think I am a slow knitter). I did it in various baby colors (blue, green, yellow and white). I actually chose it because of the triangle ripple edge – I was making it for a boy and wanted something not frilly. Unfortunately, it’s one of the few items I’ve worked on this year that somehow escaped without pic!

Let us know what you choose!

Too funny! That felted purse was actually made from a wool sweater I found at the local thrift shop. I felted the whole sweater then cut it into the purse/bag parts and sewed together. The top of the bag is the ribbing from the bottom of the sweater and the straps are from the sleeves. Very nice way to pull out a great, knitted design from an old favorite and recycle it.

I have the blanket at home and will get you a photo today or in the morning. Hmmmm, wonder why I didn’t put one in my album? That’s one of my favorite baby blankets and I keep it just for my lil sweetiepie! :inlove: (She’s my only grandchild cloud9)

Hi Marilynn, here’s the photo of the diagonal blanket. The drape of this blanket is wonderful. It has to be a combination of both the yarns and the bias knit. I was fortunate that the colors from the different yarn companies blended so well.

Here’s the link if the picture isn’t large enough:
Mary White uploaded this image to

Adrianne, I just love the ripple patterns and I bet it was gorgeous in the baby colors!

Hope this helps, Dangles!

The fastest blanket I ever made was on size 35 needles, using 4 strands of yarn. It was a basic basketweave pattern with a garter edge. I think I only had to cast on 35 stitches.

I finished it in an evening.

Those are HUGE needles…

I have 2 babies I need to be knitting for… and I’m thinking of giving thisone a try (4Hr bias baby afghan from lion brand)…just replace the homespun with another bulky type yarn… I have the size 50 needles already but haven’t used them… :teehee: I want to make the babies afghans, booties, all that so I figure this might be the only way with the busy holiday season come up fast on us…

:passedout: size 50 needles

I call this my “5-15”. It’s all garter stitch. All you do is change the needle size every 7th row. You need 5 and 15 needles…7 rows no. 5 needle and 7 rows no. 15 needle. If you want to work a little faster you can use a 7 and 15 needle. When finished, crochet around blanket. It will be all ruffly. I made three of them in white and then when I found out what the baby was, I trimmed the ruffle part in either blue or pink. Cast on about 120 sts. and go from there.

Wow! What big needles!! Hmmm, may have to try that as it would be fantastic to have a pattern you could knock out in a day or two!! Any pics?

I didn’t have a camera when I made it (them). I made one 32 years ago for my daughter, and then about 10 years ago for my daughter’s friend. It makes a very thick, cushy blanket. I used mine for all 3 kids and then passed it on.

I made this pattern in a full sized afghan in about three weeks. You could probably make a baby sized one in a week or less. It’s a very easy pattern, but it is still very pretty.

I actually didn’t use the pattern in the link though. Leisure Arts’ book called Quick Knit Afghans has the full sized version.

I’m doing a feather and fan with worsted weight yarn that’s working up pretty quickly. I need mine done by the beginning of November, too :slight_smile:

How are you feeling, BTW?

Everyone is sick here :help:

I finished my first knitted afghan earlier this year and wanted something simple to start with so did a basketweave using 3 shades of yarn and changing every 4 rows. It was so easy to remember, k4,p4 for 4 rows then p4, k4. I was also using up some yarn that I didn’t have enough of one color to make a sweater and it was too bulky for a lot of other uses.