Baby Blanket Conundrum

So I’m well into my baby hearts blanket and the friend that I’m knitting it for finds out she’s having a boy! Is a heart blanket with yellow yarn too girly for a boy?? He is going to be a Feb baby

Certainly not! I love yellow as a neutral color! Lil boys need hearts, too!

I don’t see a problem either. Green or yellow are the usual colors to use when you don’t know the baby’s gender.

I agree, yellow is good! If your really worried maybe make that last corner heart blue to seal the deal – or add a blue edging.

The baby blanket I knitted for a friend in a weather forum who had a little girl, love the blanket I made . It was Bernat Baby Softee in the Bunny print. It was white yarn with small areas of blue, pink and yellow along the yarn. When I knitted the blanket the color areas did not form stripes like I thought it would, but it made little 2 or 3 stitch areas of color. The overall color of the blankett was white.

I love love love the color i’m using its Bernat Satin, i think the color is Banana I’m just worried hearts might not be good for a boy. But he will be a Valentine baby so why not hearts! just like Mary said, boys need hearts too! :slight_smile:

I think it’s GREAT! Yellow is so sunny…and we :heart:LOVE:heart: boys as much as girls, right? :thumbsup:

I am sure that the baby won’t mind. I would love a nice soft blankee
I really love the color combo of Yellow/blue for baby items, so I believe that the previous suggestion of a blue border is a very good idea

a simple and neutral border for any gender baby is as follows:
Join border color yarn at any part of blanket edge
ROUND 1: Single Crochet around entire edge (single crochet 3 or 4 times in every corner so it does not gather) join with a slipstitch in first Single crochet
ROUND 2: Chain 1, Slipstitch in first Single Crochet, *chain 1, slipstitch in next Single Crochet-- repeat from * around. Join with a slipstitch in first chain 1 space, finish off.