Baby Blanket Border

I’ve knitted my very first project as I am still new with knitting. I kitted my blanket in gather stitch and I don’t know how to start the border for it. I don’t know how to crochet yet, still learning how to crochet. What would be the easiest way to put a border on my blanket? And how do I do it?

Does it really need a border or edging? If you want to knit one on, you can pick up sts along the long edges and work a few rows in garter stitch.

Here is how you pick up stitches.

Or, if you like to sew, you could sew on a satin ribbon edging.

Thanks Ladies, I think I’ll be adding more rows on the long sides. Will post a picture when I’m done!

You can pick up stitches across the long side and knit until you have the right border depth. Do the other long side. Then pick up stitches across the top and the bottom and do those. If you’re still learning crochet, I’m sure you’re skilled enough to do a simple single crochet border all along it. When you do your border, whether it’s knit or crochet, be sure to use the same size needle or hook as you used for the body of the blanket.