Baby blanket border

I’m working on a baby blanket as my first project the blanket is turning out great so far, however when I’m done I’d like to add a black border around the edge of the blanket, what is best/easiest way to do this.

The easiest way would be to crochet the border on. You can also pick up stitches with the knitting needles along the border and knit the border that way, but I prefer crochet.

I always put a crab stitch around baby blankets. theres no open holes for the baby to get stuck in.

crab stitch is a backwards single crochet. and it puts a rope like edging on.

thanks for the help guys…now i just need to finish the blanket part in order to get to the border if all goes as planned it should turn out pretty cute…ill post pics when i’m done

You can check THIS LIST for any links regarding Oddball Blankets and you’ll find lots of border options. Also there is a link for reverse single crochet video, which happens to be one of my favorite borders :aww: These links will be videos for the particular border stitches.

Hope this helps!


thanks for that link…it looks like the reverse single crochet is exactly the look i want for the border of my baby bee blanket