Baby Animal Rescue nests

I am not sure if any of you have made these little nests before but they are a great stash-buster and are SOOOOOOOOOO needed!

I currently am featuring 3 wildlife rescue places in need of these tightly knit nests on this page:


So if you would like to help this might be the quick and fun project you need.



What an awesome project!!! Especially since “spring” (hopefully) is coming…I both knit and crochet so these can be “worked up” very fast…Here’s my question: I have tons and tons of “carpet” and crafting yarn. Would these be too stiff for animals? Cheley

Hi I am very anxious to work on this project…Can "someone"answer my question about the yarn? Thanks

I think it would be good. Have you ever seen some of the stuff birds use to make their nests? Last week I had an old nest get blown out of a tree and it was mostly sticks. I read the site and it seems they line the nests with paper towels to ease clean up. I think that would be a nice barrier between them and rough yarn if it is an issue.

this is such a great idea. I’m bringing it to my craft club, we are always looking for something small and quick we could do at a meeting and what a great way to give. thank you for getting the word out, I would have never known there was such a need.

I just posted a reply but it disappeared so I’ll do it again. Thank you so much for this information as I am really into animals especially if they are in need. Right now I have been going through my scrap yarn so this is perfect timing. I have done alot of charity knitting and would love to continue to do so, so this is absolutely perfect for me. Thanks again for the info.

Cheley, it looks like they are asking for [U]worsted weight[/U] or [U]rug[/U] yarn. They also say, “It’s best if you use yarn that’s not too fuzzy as their toes tend to get snagged on the fuzz.”