Baby afghan

Ok, I want to do either a baby quilt or a baby afghan for a friend of mine…a good friend but not a best friend, if ya know what I mean, and I am looking for totally functional as opposed to heirloom quality. If I go the quilt idea, I actually already have some really bright blocks that I could probably do something with. But right now I am just INTO the knitting, ya know?

Being as we are coming up on Christmas, and tax season right after (which affects me in the most dismal way since i am an accountant), I want quick gratification and results, or else it simply wont happen. Here is the yarn I am considering:

Here are my thoughts…would I want to do this double thickness on size 35’s? Or stick with the 15’s? Patternwise, I am thinking supersimple…any ideas???

Here is a freebie pattern I found…looks easy doesnt it??

I just used this for a baby afghan I did and it went really fast for me I used 15s and did have a little trouble with splitting and sliding but here is the pattern I did with it… Was so fast and my daughter kept saying ohhhh purtyyy so I’m going to make her one once I get some things done… :rollseyes:

I made it out of breeze and posted a picture under things done… I’m going to make my daughters out of creamsicle although that picture there is kinda deciving on how that looks… more brighter and the orange is more dominant… :

I’m sorry… I didn’t see that you posted the pattern link when I typed this sorry about double posting that link : )

OH! Thats the same one ! (I edited my original post)…now I gotta go look at your finished one! How long (approximately) did it take you???

well :lol: with two kids and between other projects it took about a month but it was half way done the week it was suppose to be done so it got all of my attention I started on Monday and had it done by Wed. evening…

Just think how much I would get done if I’d quit jumping from project to project… :thinking:

Lets not go there!

Ok, I looked at the completed project, and it is pretty! I think I will go with that pattern, I think she is due in February, so maybe if I get the supplies now, with knitters ADD, I have a shot at getting it done.

ohh yeah thats plenty of time!!! I hope ya have fun knitting it… I liked it cause I could basically sit and do it with out worrying about the pattern LOL :smiley:

kitkat, I’m going to be making this one soon too. Looks like a great pattern.

Do they have this yarn at Wal-farts or Joanns? Or do we need to mail order it??? It is looking like 4 or 5 skeins of the multi colored.

Oh and Susan, lets not be discussing this on the JL board since one of those members is the intended recipient and I would feel badly if for some reason I didnt finish this durn thing!!! Although if I start now, I should be ok, I would think … :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: wal-mart?? LOL thats where I got mine from but they didn’t have very many colors to choose from I saw my daughters color at Ben Franklins… I figure Joanns has it too :lol:

Wal farts had the color I wanted (sorry I am going to copy and use the playtime) but only two skeins. So I guess I will mail order it to be safe!

I used up all 3 skeins only left enough to put in my book LOL ours at first didn’t have it then they got it and didn’t have very much… just the basic pink, blue, a white colored one, and then the one I used… then after I made it I went to Ben Franklins and was like :shock: woahhh look at all the other colors!! thats when I picked out Roo’s :smiley:

Thanks for letting me know about not mentioning it on JL kitkat! That’s so cool you’re making it for someone on there :smiley: :happydance: