Baby afghan pattern problem

Ok, here is the pattern:

Cast on 73 sts.

Marking first row as the right side, work in pattern as follows:

Rows 1, 2, 3, and 4: Knit.

Row 5: K3, * yo, K2tog; repeat from * to last 2 sts; K2.

I have twice now done this and it isnt ending up right, so clearly I am misreading the destructions because I am not ending right, and I am ending up with 74 stitches…so I either don’t get the pattern, or I am somewhere miscounting…

With Edit:

Perhaps I am misunderstanding a YO…in one book, you do the YO, where you are just wrapping it, but in the other, the YO is a wrap and a stitch, therefore you end up with two stitches on the other need and not one? Would that fix the problem if I were just doing the first way instead of the way where you end up with two stitches from one?

What I had been doing was this:

K3 yo K2tog yo K2tog yo K2tog…but when I do this, the last two stitches in pattern are a K2tog and then I have only one stitch left on left needle.

I feel so stupid, and the second time I did it, I ALMOST put in a lifeline before this row, but because I had checked my count and made sure I had 73 going into it…I didnt, and now I get to start again…this project is so not starting well dammit between this and the stupid sticky denise needles!!!

Hey Kitkat!! Don’t ya just love that Row 5?? LOL

A YO is like the first step you just wrap the yarn over… not the wrap with the stitch or at least on this pattern thats how it is… I just did it on paper to make sure I didn’t do something wrong on mine :lol: and it came out right… I’d try the YO over again and see how that works for ya… :XX:

I agree–you are basically adding a stitch with the yo and then decreasing a stitch with the k2tog across the row so you end up with the same number you started with. Can you check out Amy’s video on this site? Maybe that would help.

Ok, I think thats the problem…I should get BACk to that point tomorrow (and oh yes I will be putting in a lifeline I will before I do it this time!!!)—too many stitches!!