Baby afghan - knitting with 2 strands of yarn

Hi there -

I am about to delve into a new project. The pattern is called Baby Bricks, its in the book Soft & Sweet Baby Afghans by Leisure Arts (designs by Kay Meadors).

There are two main things I am having trouble with in the pattern:

  1. They ask that I work the Afghan holding two strands of yarn together. The main colour is white and the accent colour is yellow. So my problem with this is that I don’t know how to start, do I tie the two strands of yarn together or if not how to I keep this from becoming a big tangled mess and what do I do with the thread I am not using???
  • the border is white, the yellow only comes into play on the non-border part of this afghan.
  • are the two strands of yarn to start suppose to be two strands of white?
  • the pattern also specifies that you are to carry yarn that isn’t being used along the inside edge of the work.
  1. The next thing is that they say that both sides of the borders of the Afghan are worked at the same time, using separate yarn for each side…How the heck does one do this?
  • Am I suppose to do double knitting?
  • The border is garter stitch.

If you need more info let me know.

Thank you in advance.

You just hold 2 strands together as if they were one. You can keep each skein of yarn in separate ziplock baggies if you want. The yarns will twist around each other when you make the stitch, but you really can’t prevent that and it won’t be that noticeable after you’re done.

As far as working both sides of the border at the same time, there should be instructions in the pattern for how to do it. It may not make sense reading it and trying to visualize what’s happening, but could after you get there and have the needles and yarn ready to do it.