Baby afghan completed

Here it is - the dreaded Baby Clouds afghan completed. I used the pattern on the Red Heart site. The biggest issue I had was with needles - this project did not work well with the Boyes Needlemaster needles, worked better with Denises. Easy pattern, and if you made a goof and added an extra stitch, easy to correct without ripping out :roflhard:

This afghan is due to be delivered on Saturday, and I finished it LAST Saturday, a whole week in advance! Go me!

It is modeled by my son Adam who thinks he would like to keep it, and of course Cooper had to get into the action too.

But he’s still your baby with his blanky! Looks so soft and cuddly–can’t blame him a bit.

LOVE those ocean colors!! SOOO comfy cozy looking! :inlove:

Very pretty!! love the color!! :thumbsup:

That looks nice and warm!!!
Are you going to make your son one too (bigger version of course)?

I have a bunch of homespun, and am going to do a ripple-wave pattern for us. Will probably start soon, as it will probably take me until he graduates from high school to finish!

That’s really cute–nicely done!!

Poor Cooper really needs his own woobie!

He is a spoiled boober and he does want his own woobie.

Oh that is beautiful!! Love the color! :thumbsup:

:cheering: :happydance: Yeahhh I’m so happy for you!! I told ya you would get it done in no time :lol: Thank you for PMing me I have been busy since getting home on Tues and knew if I came in here I wouldn’t get anything else done :rofling: Great job it looks wonderful!! :thumbsup:

Thanks - now I need to get going on one for the boys/dog!

I’d want to keep it, too! :cheering: It looks so soft!

looks great–good work!

Beautiful colors! Perfect for a baby blanket!

Great job! That dog just cracks me up!!! He really likes knitted stuff, doesn’t he?!

The blanket looks great!! :thumbsup: