Baby Acorn hat

You may have to squint to make it out but this hat is meant to look like an Acorn hat. My cousin is pregnant and refers to the fetus as acorn so I knit her an acorn hat. My boys are too big to model it and no dolls so a little hard to see

great hat!

think i may try one… i have a tweed yarn somewhere around here that might work… :wink:


How adorable is that! What a thoughtful, loving gift. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it and you get a big smile from her.

It looks like a perfect acorn hat and the color is great. You’ve have beautiful stitch work here too. I love it!

[COLOR=“Purple”]That is a GREAT gift!!! [B]ADORABLE[/B] too!!![/COLOR]

Very adorable! and what a sweet personal gift.

Very nice and great idea!

Looks just like an acorn - very pretty and very well done.


I hope you can post a picture of the baby when it is born! Very very sweet!