Babushka style scarf

What would you call a scarf that is wide enough to wear as a headcovering ie, it is wider in the middle and then narrow on the ends…and …not looking for a pttern here, but looking for a place that has ready -made ones.

I’ve heard them called babushkas, head scarves, do-rags, bandannas… a some others that I can’t think of right now.

I have one of these in ivory:

I really like it. I’m thinking about making a couple. It’s like a scarf that is folded over and seamed at one edge to make a hood. It’s good to wrap around my face to try to avoid asthma attacks when it’s really cold. Like today…brrrrr!

Thank you ladies so much! That is exactly what I am talking about…

There is a berrocco pattern here:


The friend who was looking for this, is looking for her mom. Good thing - she will be the recipient of the dreaded homespun scarf!