Babies' jumper (sweater) sleeves

OK - so I thought I’d knit a jumper (sweater) for a 1 year old and post it down to my niece for her son. As winter’s not here until end of May I have plenty of time. In fact, I’ve knitted the back and the front on 8 ply, a lovely yarn (sort of multi-coloured blue/grey/green). The instructions for the sleeves bother me so I’m here asking the goddesses of wisdom (yet again) for their sagacity:

Here are the instructions (I’ve only included sts relevant to the size I’m knitting).

Using a pari of 3.25mm needles, cast on 28 sts.
Work 6 rows of garter st, inc 2 sts evenly across last row … 30 sts.
Change to 4.00mm needles.
Work in stocking (stockinette) stitch inc one st at each end of 3rd and foll alt rows until tere are 54 sts, then in foll 4th rows until there are 64 sts. Cont without further inc until work measure 19cm from beg, working last row on wrong side.

OK - so, let’s assume that row 1 is a Knit row and row 2 a Purl.

Is it the 3rd and 5th rows I do the inc (in which case all the increasing is on the same side … very confused, and then in foll 4th rows?? huh??

Here’s the instructions scanned from the pattern (I’m ignoring the C5 instruction as I’m knitting it in one yarn that’s variegated).

Yes, all the incs will be on the RS rows after you begin the stockinette stitch - the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th etc until you have 54 sts. That’s 15 inc rows (30 rows total) which will take you to row 31. Then inc [I]every other[/I] RS row (the 4th) another 5 times until you have 54 sts, so those would start with row 35.

Whatever the row number, be sure to keep track of the stitch number. The first set of 24sts increased is every RS row until 54sts and the second set is every other RS row until 64sts. It will make the sleeves increases easier and more even between sleeves if you knit two sleeves at the same time from two balls of yarn.

Thanks - it’s what I thought but I had a panic attack that I got it wrong. As I’ve not knitted one before …