Babe Spinning Wheels

With all this talk about spinning wheels, I stared seaching the net. Has anyone here used a Babe Spinning Wheel? The frame is made from PVC pipe. So the cost is a lot less than traditional wooden wheels. My budget is one of function over beauty at this point so I was curious if this compromise in form has compromised function as well. If anyone has an opinion on these wheels I would love to hear it.

I have a single treadle Babe Fiber Starter. That’s what I used to learn to spin on. It’s really a decent little wheel. Its only flaw is that the base needs to be weighted down a bit because when you start spinning, the whole wheel has a tendancy to tilt forward. I used a couple little 5 pound dumbbells and that fixed the problem. But I always thought I could probably fill the base pvc with sand too… I just never got around to it. :wink:

In my opinion, it’s a great wheel to learn on. No sense in spending $500 on a wooden wheel if you don’t even know if you’ll enjoy spinning! :thumbsup:

That pretty much was my worry…that it would be too light and move around or tip while spinning. But since weighting it down works I may just look into it farther. I would like an Ashford Kiwi…but I don’t think I can talk my DH into the extra $$$. I am having a hard enough time talking him into the Babe.

i have the electric one…haven’t done any spinning yet. i did put it together. i can’t get the bobbin to wind…so i’m wondering is it me or the machine!!! :thinking: the motor weighs this one down

I thought about doing the babe thing, but after hearing of others frustrations in my searches I decided not to go with it. Also, it is kind of ugly.

I got my wheel for cheaper than a Babe. I just kept an eye on ebay and estate sales, and ended up finding something on eBay. There were 2 wheel at an estate sale this past weekend, and they were both under 150.00. Also, if you go with a Kiwi or the cheapest Louet, you’ll only be putting out a bit more, and it will look great in your living room.

BUT, if you do get the babe and decide to get something else at a later time, you can unload it on ebay for just a little under the price you paid for it. I was suprised that they were going for about 20 or 30 under the price for a brand new one.

It is definately ugly…I was hoping it was a good wheel but the more I found about it the more I decided not to go with it. Tomorrow I am going to be picking up my Ashford wheel! (style yet to be determined.)

Ugly? Shhhh! My Babe is happily sitting in it’s prime exhibit spot (behind the sofa), while my wooden wheel sits tucked away (out in the open) in the living room.

Ugly or not, I still love my Babe and don’t think I could part with it! :slight_smile: