B4 Bags

I made these bags from the B4 Pattern which I purchased here:


I have made felted bags before, but this pattern was worth purchasing due to the instructions on the bobbles, the beading, and the construction of the handles. It has become my favorite felted bag pattern.

The mainly pink one is Plymouth Galway Chunky

The other bag is from Lamb’s Pride Bulky.

All the buttons came from WALMART, and the beads were found at Michael’s. Bigger beads worked better, as the pink bag shows. The slightly smaller beads in the purple, pink and green bag were kind of buried during the felting process.

Those are pretty!

:inlove: very cute, my daughter would love those!

Those are adorable, Lori. Really really!

Thanks for the link to the pattern.

WOW!!! those are wonderful I absolutely love them.
Were the bobbles hard to do?

Those are really cute…did you add the buttons and beads while knitting? I think I might have to buy the pattern. Thanks for sharing:heart:

Oh, now how cute are those?! My daughter would love them!

They are just so cute and girly . I really like them :slight_smile:

Cat’s Mother, the bobbles were EASY, and due to the felting, the little hole that forms beside each bobble magically disappears. It’s like increasing 5 times in 1 stitch. The pattern tells you how it’s done.
Kris, the beads are knitted in (I used Pony Beads from Michaels) and the buttons are sewn on after it’s felted and dry. It’s quite a quick pattern to finish.

Sweet:inlove: The bags look like a candy shop, adorable!

Those are really, really cool!! Both bags have beautiful colors but the different palettes sure tell different stories. I love both of them. Nice work. How big are they?

Those are REALLY great!!

I just may have to buy that pattern!!!

One more question…are the handles knitted as part of the bag? or attached later. Thanks

The handles are knitted I-cord, done separately. The pattern said to stitch them to the bag, but I just poked a little hole with a knitting needle and stuck them in then tied a knot behind to hold it. The knots are on the inside of the bag. Some people let them be on the outside as a design element. Before felting, each of the 4 handles was 2 feet long.

Those are so cute!

Those are so flippin cute it’s i nsane! Love them!:yay:

Wow! They are gorgeous!!! Great pattern and color choices!

wow great work

I bought the pattern!:happydance:

Very cute bags! :slight_smile: