B/O for Armhole on Back of Jacket?

I am currently working on the back of a jacket and have already bound off the first three stitches for the beginning of the armhole. The pattern indicates to do this at both ends. I have read, re-read, searched the Internet, etc., do I do this on the SAME row? My mind is swirling. It has been years since I knit a sweater, etc., and thought it would ALL come back. Oh, yeah. Any suggestions, tips as to HOW this is done as the yarn needs to keep on going after the b/o’s.

Thanks for any info, tips, where to look, etc. Have several knitting books I’ve purchased recently but somehow the ‘fuzz’ is between my two ears… Wanda

You can’t bind off at the end of the row, so it’s not you.

Bind off at the[I] beginning[/I] of the next row to get the armhole bindoffs.

Thank you, Ingrid. I sort of thought that was what I should do, but after years away, was not certain. Again, Thank you. Wanda