B-i-g biiggg news! :)

well, not earth-shattering, but did anyone else see…

the craft yarn council, who set a lot of knitting and crochet standards and guidelines, have added an additional category for yarn weight.

there’s now a 7 to accommodate jumbos and larger rovings, including many yarns that are used for arm knitting, or the new craze (fad?) of using those giant tree trunk needles, and making a blanket with only 10 stitches across…

also, it does represent a slight change to the super bulky #6 category.

the updated chart can be found at http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/weight.html.

Cool. Thanks for letting me know, now when I see new stuff I’ll know why. :slight_smile:

Learn something new every day!!!:woohoo: :woot:

Thanks for sharing!

I learned two things in your post…

there is something called arm knitting


there is a craft yarn council (who knew?)

And so your life is better? lol I’ve seen the Yarn Council site before but it doesn’t have much influence in my life, not directly anyhow. Arm knitting…if you try it let us know how you like it. I think I’ll continue to put it off indefinitely. :mrgreen:

yes, the elders of crochet… the senate of knitting… the fellowship of the… oh nevermind :wink: they (with generous input from the yarn and needle arts industries) set the guidelines, policies, fiber sizing, garment sizing, tool info, etc that you see on most knitting, crochet, and needle arts items, from yarn to hooks to whatever. but as with most guidelines, you’re free to do what you like, as most of us do. :wink:

personally, i think knitting vs arm knitting is like… the difference between tinker toys, and duplo… or between reading the original book or watching the 8th sequel of a miniseries based off a movie prequel based off a movie. arm knitting is not real knitting. it’s lesser-than, it’s faddish, and the FOs look odd, out of proportion.

I’ve been watching video’s of arm knitting. It is intriguing. I’m not the fashionable type that could pull of something like that despite be almost 6ft tall. Perhaps if I had the arms of a 5 year old to knit on it would look better.

I think the description for weight #7 should be “Rope”!!!


:yay: :roflhard:

While I do appreciate all the hard work the craft council has done with standardizing yarn weights, there is still a LOT of lee-way within each number. I guess it depends on your own personal opinion.

Whatever the weight of yarn called for, I always look at gauge for a real indicator of what I want to use. They can add all kinds of numbers but thanks to the variations within categories, that’s still the way to go IMO.

I’ve seen people trying to figure out which yarn category or descriptor from the US subs for a UK descriptor. Look at gauge and go from there with what you already know about yarns available. Too easy, right?


and if you notice, most of them are art installations… still, it would be fun to try a small rug that way… :wink:

Those were some interesting pictures! I’ve always wanted to try knitting a hammock, but doubt I’ll ever get the chance to.