Azel Pullover

I have been working on the Azel Pullover. I’m getting to the neck opening and I’m completely stumped. The directions say knit ( 11, 13, 15,) etc. what does this mean?

Depends on what size you are making. The number of sts you need to knit depends on the size you are knitting

I’m knitting the large/xlarge.

Is that the largest size in the pattern? Then you want 15. It should explain in the pattern what sizes are included and the numbers in ( ) pertaining to the different sizes.

This pattern comes in 8 sizes, wow. If the direction to knit ( 11, 13, 15,) is from a section for sizes 14/16, S/M, L/XL, then you should knit 15sts

It is the largest size. The numbers go up to 25, since it’s the last number out of 8 sizes. So, I’m thinking that is what I should go up too. There are no directions other than what I wrote previously.

If the numbers continue up to 25 (11, 13, 15, xx, xx, xx, xx, 25) then knit 25 sts. That would be the number wo work for your size.

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Thank you!