Awwww, love all these childhood avatars!

OMG, I just LOVE all the child-hood pic avatars! Whose inspiration was this? so cute!! You all are just so adorable!! awwwwww.

I’ve never changed my avatar before, but I couldn’t resist!!

Kelly started it - I don’t think she planned for it to go this far but it is SOOO much fun!

Thanks SaraJayne! Aha, I found it on her blog. So fun!!

Aww, I wish I had my childhood pics. :frowning:

I have lots of pictures, but no scanner. I had to make do. :rofling:

:roflhard: Nice, Ingrid!
I only have this one picture until I get home. I have the scanner and my dad has all the pictures. :rollseyes: I have a favorite from when I was 11 (I’m making the Classic Cate face), but I realized that was only 8 years ago! :shock:

I took a picture of a picture!

For anyone curious, this is what I had posted:

:heart: What a darling you were (are!), Ingrid!

Awwww everyones pix are too cute! I took a picture of my photo too, Ingrid!

Good grief–chubby cheeks is still the same!!

This is the only picture I have until I was about 7–we just didn’t have a camera, and my aunt was the only one who took pictures!!

I’m game. Think I was three in this one.

I’m 4 in mine. Obviously, I was born to drive! :smile:

Everyone is so cute!!!

I’m 2 or 3 in mine, reading “Little Red Riding Hood” and sitting on my parents’ car in my grandparents’ front yard.

Yes, I agree this is too much fun. I have really enjoyed seeing everybody’s pic’s. Amy, you are too cute. I so wanted to have mouse ears when I was a kid!! :slight_smile: Instead, I had to settle for these horns my mother would gleefully make for me at bath time. Muuu haaaa haaa - can you hear her giggling?

Hear her? I’m giggling!! :rofling: And look at your wee teeth!! :inlove: :inlove:

=( sadly there are no pictures of me as a baby. There were two, I had them in a filofax in my hand bag, left in my office at work some 20 years ago. I was going to get them copied that day, since there were the only two in existence. I left my office to show someone around, only to return to find my bag and all of its contents stolen.

I never recovered the photos, they could have had everything else for all I cared, I just wanted the photos back. Wish I could join in. I do know there is one horrendous photo of me somewhere from when I was 10 years old in this terrible terrible pair of powder blue elasticated waisted trousers that were too short for me, some weird brown clogs, an even weirder green anorak and my hair clipped so hard to the sides of my head I looked like some freak. It is hilarious :wink: will see if I can find it.

I love all these avatars =D

OMG, LWF! That’s FUN HAIR!!! :cheering: Fun Hair was the ONLY way I could get my brother (12.5 years younger) to take a bath when he was little! My MOM couldnt even get him to do it! :rofling:

We should all post the big pics here, in case we all change our avatars ever again…

Here’s mine…


And here’s one from…oh let’s see if someone can guess the era! :rofling: I was 16 or 17…

I actually remember sitting on the stoop having this picture taken–it was on East Kingsbridge Road in the Bronx circa 1959.

I love seeing all of the childhood photos!! Here is mine, when I was in Kindergarten. 1991 I think. :mrgreen:

As posted in my knitterbox… i somehow managed to delete my normal av…dangit! but here’s me at 2 and a half. in fact, i pulled the photo out of the frame to take a pic of the pic like ingy did (since my computer is still dead and i have to make do) and i just can’t edit like i wanna - and out fell another pic of me as a baby. this one looks very antique-y and makes people think i’m older than i am (i’m soon to be 37 [size=2]this coming monday[/size]) but it’s one of my fave photos of me…